Sad state of the US Dollar


As many of you know, I have been pessimistic for quite some time on the prospects of a rebound in the US dollar exchange rate vis-a-vis the euro or other currencies.  In June, I had speculated that the dollar could fall to $1.50/euro before any action was taken to shore it up by the Federal Reserve.  Based on the recent news coming out today, I am not sure that even that level is realistic.  You can check out what the experts are saying here: 

What does this mean for us Americans?  Nothing really, if we do not travel abroad.  However, if you are contemplating ownership of foreign property, whether in France or another country, even on a fractional basis, the prognosis would seem to be that it is going to get even more expensive as time passes, at least for the foreseeable future.

Holding euro based assets such as a fractional ownership is an easy way to diversify one’s portfolio and to protect, at least to a small degree, against what seems to be a worsening situation with the dollar value. 


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