Jardin Saint-Paul Owners Meeting

JSP Meeting 

    Yesterday, Sue and I hosted the first annual Owners meeting for Jardin Saint-Paul, our fractional ownership apartment in the Marais.  The weather was spectacular; blue skies with bright sunshine all afternoon.  The owners came from both coasts of the US to attend, to meet each other, and to enjoy some fine food and wine together. We decided to hold the meeting outdoors, because it was so nice.

 The first part of our agenda was drawing for the months of use for each Owner, and everyone was eager with anticipation.  It went quite smoothly, and the climax was when I was able to hand out the keys for the apartment to each of the Owners.  Check out these smiling faces!  This is the part of my work that makes it all worthwhile!

getting-keys2.jpggetting-keys1.jpgKeys to Their new Pied-A-Terregetting-keys3.jpg

As part of the meeting, we ratified our budget for the coming year, talked about the neighborhood in which the apartment was located, and shared our common experiences about Paris.  Everyone had a great time, and now we are all planning our next trip to Paris in our very own apartment!


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2 Responses to “Jardin Saint-Paul Owners Meeting”

  1. M Says:

    What are the minimum standards for fractional apartments? The bad name of time-share projects have made us very weary. A list with ‘the 25 questions investors in fractionals must ask’ would be very helpful.

  2. Anne Kelly Says:

    From the recent article and photos in the NY Times, I can see that Jardin Saint-Paul is gorgeous. Can you tell me how much one could expect to pay for a one-month fractional ownership of a similar quality residence in the Marais?


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