Update – Jardin Saint-Paul


This post is for those of you who have been following the renovation work at our current fractional development, Jardin Saint-Paul, in the Marais.  I am pleased to report that work continues to move along on schedule, despite the recent strikes in Paris.  There is even a fairly good possibility that Sue and I can stay there on our next trip to Paris, coming up in about a week.  Here is the status report:

1.  All of the marble has been installed in the bathroom and water closet room.

2.  The new hardwood floor installation begins tomorrow, and should be complete by Monday morning.  The flooring is massif Ipé vernis.  I had never heard of Ipé before our trip to Paris, and my understanding is that it is a rich fine grain Brazilian hardwood.  “Vernis” means that it is already prefinished, in this case with 3 coats of polyurethane finish.  “Massif” simply means solid wood, in this case 15mm thick, which equates to about 5/8″ thickness.   Once installed, I believe that the transformation to the apartment will be astounding.

3.  Our new wainscoating has been installed along the entry corridor to provide some character and depth to this long wall.

4.  The final coat of paint has been applied to the bedrooms and hall corridor.  All that awaits is the hardwood floors at this point.

5.  Bathroom cabinets, mirror and marble counter have arrived, and will be installed by Friday.  This will complete the bathroom renovation, provide an entirely new and fresh look, with much more counter space and functionality.

6.  The existing bathroom sink and fixtures have been modified and fitted into the water closet room, adding an additional sink area where none existed.

7.  Boxes of goods continue to arrive daily from France and Denver, with all of the little things we will add to the apartment to make it truly a spectacular pied-a-terre.

I have been promised photos by Saturday by our crew, and I think everyone will be pleased with how things are shaping up.

If you would like to learn more about our project, our about fractional ownership in Paris, visit our website at www.parishomeshares.net and click on the link for “Available Properties”.


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