The Rox Get Pulverized in Game 1

Ohhh, this was a hard game to watch, especially the first 5 innings.  Final score: 13-1.  Boston leads the Series 1-zip. 

I am the last person to be a baseball pundit, but one can only wonder what happened to the Rockies pitching finesse.  Was it their inexperience, or the 8 day layoff?  That is to take nothing away from the Red Sox performance.  Josh Beckett’s pitching was flawless through 7 innings, illustrating why he is the best pitcher in the Major Leagues this year.  And the Red Sox batting lineup proved formidable throughout the game, pummeling the Rockies pitching for extra base hit after hit.  The only good thing for the Rockies is that the lopsided score allowed some of the back bench players to actually get a chance to play in the World Series.

The good news is that even if the score was 100-1, it’s only Game One!!!  Tonight, we will see if the Rockies settle down and show the talent that brought them to the World Series.  GO ROCKIES!


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One Response to “The Rox Get Pulverized in Game 1”

  1. marcys Says:

    Agree–even if you’re not a Rockies fan, it was a very hard game to watch. I hope the Rockies come out tonight recovered, and give the Sox some competition.

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