Bed and Breakfast in Paris

While cruising the Web today, I ran across this wonderfully unique site, mentioned in IHT’s Globespotter Paris (another great site by the way) that features the opportunity to stay in your choice of over 30 bed and breakfast rooms in Paris.  If you enjoy this unique way of sharing space with a local family on your travels, I know that you must have shared my frustration at the lack of choices in Paris proper.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!  They really do exist.

Madame Monclard has put together a wonderful website called Meeting the French, which includes a directory of local B&B’s.  Her website is  What a website!  Not only is there a section on Bed and Breakfasts, but there are a host of businesses that have opened their doors for a unique glimpse to what it is like to work and live in Paris.  Now, you can spend a day with a local baker, watching him make macarons, or stand side by side with a picture framer perfecting his craft, or even get behind the scenes at the Comédie Française Theatre.  I promise that you will burn up at least a good hour or two perusing all that she has to offer in Paris on her site.

 One of the things that Sue and I enjoy about our long stays in Paris is the chance to get beyond the tourist veneer that is the sole experience of so many, and truly immerse ourselves in the daily life of Paris.  Getting to know the local clothing shop owner or the local propriété of the fromagerie by name makes us feel like part of the neighborhood fabric, if only for a little while. It is when we return to Paris, and can greet our local vendors by name, that we feel somehow integrated into the scene.  Madame Monclard has taken that opportunity to a new level, and I wish her much success.


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