French Information Overload on the Internet

Over the holidays, I had the chance to browse the Internet, looking for interesting sites about Paris, or France, or just about anything that would tickle the Francophile in me.  Here are a few of the gems I found:

Paris Daily  Eric Tenin tries to get a new and unique perspective on everyday life in Paris via a new photograph each day.  The results are revealing and often spectacular.

Expatica Free Audio Tours –

No matter if this is your first time to Paris or if you already been to France, you will always continue to learn about French culture and history, the important French monuments and the French cities. To help you increasing you knowledge without having to read tonnes of books there is a new solution: Audio Tours of France. You can find audio tours of all the cities, as well as the monuments and other interesting French sites…and all this for free!

Want to catch up on the latest in French gossip, including the “Brukozy Affair”?  Look no further than, which, while dedicated to understanding the Gallic love affair with cigarettes, also provides a humorous insight into the French intrigue with all things scandalous.

Bonjour America! – Finally, a hilarous set of YouTube type videos for improving your French, written and produced with tongue in cheek by Cyrille de Lasteyrie, aka Vinvin on his website


One Response to “French Information Overload on the Internet”

  1. french affair Says:

    french affair

    Paris was also the first home of the IOC, before moving to Lausanne for more neutrality. * French intelligence can be divided into two

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