Jardin Saint-Paul – Renovation Complete!

Finally, after months of hard work commencing in August, all of the niggly details that go into renovation of a home have been handled, and our work is done!  In fact, 95% of the work was done early in December, when the first of our Owners decided to give it a go. Our only major delay was for the granite counters that would replace the existing counters in the kitchen.  After weeks of waiting for delivery, we learned that the granite company was on the verge of bankruptcy! So we hastily pulled our order and started all over with another company.  Fortunately, they delivered the product as promised, and the new countertops were installed this past weekend, even while Owners were staying in the apartment! 

New Granite Kitchen Counter

Today, we finally worked the kinks out of our Wifi connection with the help of a company technician, who admitted that the problem lay with Free.com and not us.  Fancy that.  Of course it took over 30 calls and 2 months to get a technician to come out and fix the problem.

All that remains is to find 3 more Paris lovers who would like to call Jardin Saint-Paul their home during their stay in the City of Light.  And then, we can put out the “SOLD OUT” sign for our 2nd successful fractional ownership project. 


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