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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

March 14, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Hey!  I thought that Saint Patrick’s Day was March 17th?  Well, guess what?  It ain’t so for the year 2008.  Why?  Because the Catholic Church has a little known rule that during Holy Week (the 7 days leading up to Easter), no other saints can be honored.  Land of Begorrah!  No parades, no green beer, no shamrocks or crazy leprechauns in the Catholic world on the 17th this year.  So most folks, at least in predominately Catholic countries, will be celebrating today, or tomorrow, or whenever!


Renovation Update – Chez La Tour

March 12, 2008

We are halfway through Week 2 of our renovation of our newest fractional ownership apartment in Paris which we fondly call Chez La Tour.  At this stage, the kitchen has been completely removed, all of the tile and marble floors removed, as well the separating wall in the bedroom.  Following a run to the trash dump, we have removed at least a mile’s worth of piping that was run all across the walls of the apartment.  Some of the more classic radiateurs are being stored for the moment, and the rest are history.  We will be completely re-piping all of the domestic water and drain lines, discretely hiding them from view for a much cleaner look. High efficiency sleek low profile radiateurs will replace the existing units.

Piping on walls in Entry

Tomorrow, Rich has promised updated photos of the apartment.  Our schedule is to meet with the marble installer and electrician on Friday, to lay out how everything will be done and installed.  Next week, framing will begin on the new walls.  Already, the apartment is feeling even bigger and more spacious than before.

Internet Solutions

March 12, 2008

If you are like me, and fairly active on the Internet, with subsciptions to multiple service providers, then you can appreicate what a hassle it is to log into each service with your username and password.  Just trying to remember all of these, particularly when one is not at their home computer, can be quite frustrating.  Finally, however, one startup company, called Clickpass ( has figured out a way to log in once and then enter directly to any of one’s services with one click.  No username, no password needed.  Clickpass remembers alll of your access codes on its high security servers.  The company launched yesterday, and will be adding services incorporating this feature over the next few months. 

Brought to you by the creators of OpenID (used by Yahoo, Plaxo and other sites), it simplifies immensely the log-in process.  I for one am glad to see it’s arrival.  Time will tell if it’s a hit or a flop.