Chateau at Chantilly

Chateau at Chantilly 

One of the lesser known and certainly lesser frequented sites outside of Paris is the Domaine du Chantilly. While it is not the equal of the Chateau at Versailles, it’s splendor is quite fantastic, and you will not have to deal with hordes of people.  In fact, when we visited, there were fewer than 50 people viewing the entire chateau.

How to get there:  Take the RER from Gare du Nord.  The town of Chantilly is about 30 minutes by train, north of Paris.  From the town train station, you can either take an expensive taxi ride (6-8€) or a leisurely 15-20 minute walk to the castle.  Take the free guided tour of the apartments located within the castle, and you can download the audioguide from their website,  You can also tour the magnificent gardens and the equally breathtaking Equestrian Center, the largest in the world, which was a virtual chateau dedicated solely to housing the Duke’s show horses.


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