Chez La Tour Update

As many of my readers know, we are in the process of renovating our latest fractional ownership offering in Paris which we have named Chez La Tour.  Things are moving along according to schedule, and our goal is to have the unit ready for occupancy on July 1, 2008.  There are lots of photos of the work in progress on my website, and you can watch as the work unfolds and things to to take shape. To see the photos, just visit and follow the links to the renovation photos.

Our first annual meeting of the Owners will be held on May 31st at our home in Denver, CO.  At this meeting, we will be ratifying the Operating Agreement for the Partnership, voting on our annual budget, and passing out keys to the apartment for all of the Owners.  This has always been one of the fun parts of what we do, and it is equally exciting for each of the Owners to meet each other and to swap stories of their adventures in Paris.

In addition to the work on our apartment, the building itself is scheduled for a “ravalement” or exterior stone cleaning, this summer.  This is a mandatory requirement of all buildings in Paris to help combat the cumulative effects of pollution, and is the primary reason why so many of the buildings in Paris look as good today as the day they were built a century or two ago.


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